Cross the Douro River in just a few minutes...
… and get to the other side in style: each crossing takes approximately 5 minutes.


Get onboard, sit back and relax...
… enjoy the most comfortable way to cross the river.


Enjoy the wonderful views...
… the river crossing provides the best views of Porto and the Ponte Dom Luís Bridge.


Buy your ticket at the Pier.

Cross to the other side of the river!

Crossings from Ribeira do Porto

Monday to Sunday


Opens at 10h00 am
Crossings every 15 min
Last crossing at Sunset

Crossings from Cais de Gaia

Monday to Sunday


Opens at 10h00 am
Crossings every 15 min
Last crossing at Sunset

Our boats are called Rabelas.

Inspired by the design of the traditional Rabelos that in days gone by transported Port wine from the heart of the Douro Valley to the cellars of Porto, our two boats, ‘Serra do Pilar’ and ‘Casa do Infante’, are 20 metres long and can transport 28 people across the river in comfort and safety.

  • Inspired by the Rabelo boats
  • Capacity of 28 passengers
  • The boat masters’ uniform is inspiredby the crews of the old Rabelo boats
  • The two Rabelas are adapted to receive passengers with reduced mobility
  • “Serra do Pilar” and “Casa do Infante” are the names of the boats, in honour of the two cities, Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Each boat makes its journey every 15 minutes from 10am to sunset, every day of the week
  • The crossing between the river banks takes about 5 minutes, so enjoy the wonderful scenery!